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Old Mountain View

Settlers arrived in the area by 1830 and Stone County, named for the abundant rock formations in the area, became o cal in 1873. By 1891, Mountain View grew to a population of 270. Prior to settlement,Osage Native Americans hunted here, proven by artifacts found near
springs, creeks, and along the river.€ The current courthouse was built in 1923 and was the site of the 1929 Connie Franklin Murder trial covered by the national press. Franklin surprised everyone by appearing during the proceedings and became known as the “Arkansas Ghost.” € The accused were exonerated, but many still wonder if this so-called Connie Franklin was an imposter.

In 1963, the courtroom served as the “practice room” where musicians,known as the Rackensack, prepared for the Folk Festival. It grew into a sought-after position on the Friday night Hootinanny that over owed to the court square when the courtroom became too warm and overcrowded. Some men threw together a stage attached to the courthouse that remains in position today. €

This brought to life the concept of “Music on the Square” now synonymous with Mountain View. In many ways, things haven’t changed much since the good ‘ol days. But then again, we folks don’t believe that the good ‘ole days have to be a thing of the past. We think our backyard is a really special place. But you don’t have to take our word for it. National Geographic has deemed Mountain View to be one of the best adventure towns to visit. Outside claimed our town is one of 20 under-populated and undiscovered adventure towns. Meanwhile, Men’s Journal chose our location for one of 52 vacations in the country.

Leaf through this informational guide to see what we have to offer. We hope that you will come see us and stay for awhile. We would really love to have you.

Old Mountain View