Syllamo Bike Trail

Syllamo Bike Trail

The Sylamo Trail is comprised of the following five loops:

Sylamo Bike trail1 - White Rive Bluff Loop: (green blazes) the shortest loop, 4.5 miles round trip. This loop is best accessed from the White River Bluff Trailhead. Trail is marked with green blazes on brown fiberglass posts. Approximately ½ miles from the trailhead you come to the beginning of the actual loop. The loop can be ridden in either direction. Portions of the trail are quite technical, and beginner level riders might want to walk their bikes, but the views are worth the effort. Spectacular views of the White River and its surrounding valley.

Sylamo Bike Trail2 - Bald Scrappy Loop: (orange blazes) 7.3 miles of scenic Ozark forest. The loop is best accessed from the White River Bluff Trailhead. It is also accessible from the Sylamo Trailhead but with a 1.9 mile ride to the connection with the Bald Scrappy Loop. If you leave from the Sylamo Trailhead the connecting trail (a portion of the Bald Scrappy Loop) is marked with blue blazes. Be advised there is a 600 foot vertical difference in the high and low point on this loop. So no matter which way you go there will be some fun downhill runs and some challenging uphill climbs. Much of the trail is suitable for beginners.


Sylamo Bike Trail3 - Scrappy Mountain Loop: (blue blazes) 12 miles of steep Ozark Mountain terrain. This loop offers switchbacks up and down steep mountainous sloops and three creek crossings. This loop is best accessed from the Sylamo Trailhead on AR Hwy 5 or the Scrappy Mountain Trailhead on Green Mountain Road. Like the Bald Scrappy Loop this trail also has 600-plus foot vertical high and low points. Much of this loop is beginner friendly but some sections, such as the steep switchbacks may require less experienced riders to walk their bikes.

Sylamo Bike Trail4 - Jack’s Branch Loop: (yellow blazes) 14 miles of new trail. It is a continuous loop that offers riders two different routes to access Blanchard Springs Recreation Area. The highest point connects with the Scrappy Mountain (blue blazes) at the Scrappy Mountain Trailhead on Green Mountain road and the lowest point begins at Blanchard road, which is a short distance from the pavilions in the recreation area. The terrain, while winding and rolling, is not technical and can be ridden by all age groups and ability levels. The two routes that connect the loop to Blanchard begin at Blanchard road then split before each connects to the loop. The easternmost of these sections, while steep, can be ridden. The other contains at least one section that while awesome to see, is not ride able. It is made up of 75 stone steps that form a spiral staircase that skirts a 10-20 foot drop into a creek below. If riders decide to begin at Blanchard or take either of the trails down into Blanchard Springs, it will be a difficult climb back up to the main loop.

Sylamo Bike Trail5 - Bad Branch Loop: (red blazes) 13 miles of the most beginner friendly loops. This single track trail contours ridgelines and twists and turns through the forest. This loop is great for riders of all levels and can be ridden at an easy pace by those wanting to enjoy the scenery, or all out by those who want the thrill of speeding around its turns and between trees. It has just less than 1,000 feet of elevation gain and no technical riding skills are necessary.

A map is available showing the length of all trail segments so riders can plan almost any length of ride they want. Shorter downhill rides are made possible by shuttling vehicles, to do this leave from Green Mountain road and end your ride at AR Hwy 5. The trail crosses AR Hwy 5, as well as several crossing of Forest Service roads. All crossing are announced with the typical red and white stop sign. Maps can be obtained by contacting the Sylamore Ranger District at 870-269-3228 or Blanchard Springs Caverns at 1-888-757-2246 maps can also be seen on the  or from the Sylamo Revenge web sites.